A word from the guy
behind Flaco.

A word from the guy behind Flaco.

As a restaurant co-owner, the pandemic allowed me to do at least one positive thing: rethink a portion of this new widespread reality that dictates our daily lives with a humble contribution.

When I started looking for a sanitizer dispenser for our restaurant, all I could find were inefficient and unattractive designs. I simply couldn’t bring myself to downgrade our experience at the door, on which my partners and I had put so much time and energy. That’s where the idea for Flaco was born: a mechanical sanitizer dispenser that would make people feel happy and welcome from the moment they walked in.

I knew right then and there that Barbeau Desrosiers Studio was the ideal collaborator to design an ambitiously simple product built to disrupt the sanitary sector with distinctive elegance and purpose. I want to thank them wholeheartedly for their immense contribution to the creation of Flaco, as well as La Cursive for its creative strategy and copywriting work along with Caserne Studio for the brand’s art direction and Collectiv Lab for the engineering aspect.

Flaco and I look forward to retrieving
safe human contact and shaking (clean) hands.

– Étienne Gratton-Bourret